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FMCN Workshop Series for Business Owners

Several of our long time customers have recently been asking about workshops that we put on a few years ago to help our clients with upcoming technology issues that would apply to the business world. After some discussion we have … Continue reading

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UBB – Usage Based Bull**** – Be aware of it!

How much internet do you use and really…do you care? Last week, the CRTC passed a ruling that many Canadians barely paid any attention to. It was a ruling that was both good for us as consumers, but also won’t … Continue reading

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My Computer is Toast!

Have you ever gone to Futureshop to buy a toaster? How about a microwave from The Brick? A refrigerator from Best Buy? I’m sure many of you have taken advantage of the weekly promotions from these big retailers to purchase … Continue reading

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Please HP just give up!

Five hours. That is how long a very new HP computer took to restore to factory default, using 4 supplied DVD’s on a brand new warranty shipped hard drive. Five hours! That time doesn’t include Windows updates, install of antivirus … Continue reading

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How secure is the online buying experience?

IF you have ever purchased something online, you will undoubtably have seen the Captcha authorization panel. So Standford has come up with a bot to crack those codes to see how secure they really are. Read the article below for … Continue reading

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When not to post Flowchart!

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Top 10 scariest things about technology that businesses should know!

I thought in honour of Halloween weekend, I would review some of the things that scare business owners when it comes to technology. 1) Meltdowns – Whether it begins with a PC shutting down due to overheating or dust so … Continue reading

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