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Why backing up your data is more important than worrying about your anti-virus software.

Recently, there has been a significant increase to malware and viral infection in technology due to the increase in both volume and variety of computer technology, smartphone technology and handheld device technology (yes, i’m talking to you ipad geeks). Amongst … Continue reading

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Why you should NOT let your electrician run your data cabling!

We get this question all the time! Why should you hire a cabling company over an electrician or the “phone guy”. The answer is simple. Data cabling is NOT the same as electrical or phone cabling. In fact, they only … Continue reading

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You have an Iphone, Blackberry or Android? Then you have malware!

Well, at least the threat of malware has increased exponentially in the last year for all smartphone plateforms. As smartphone volume in the world increases along with tablets and pads that run smartphone operating systems, the malware inventors are hard … Continue reading

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