Please HP just give up!

Five hours. That is how long a very new HP computer took to restore to factory default, using 4 supplied DVD’s on a brand new warranty shipped hard drive. Five hours! That time doesn’t include Windows updates, install of antivirus and custom software or restore of data. That is JUST to restore the system back to the state it was in when it was first purchased.

It’s no secret that we don’t have a lot of support for Hewlett Packard at FMCN. We think they make great printers, the Laserjet 4 is still one of the best made computer devices ever. When it comes to anything else though, we stay away from them as much as possible for one simple reason: they can’t get their software right.

I have never encountered a company whose software installers take up so many resources, take so long to install and fail during those long installs as often as HP. There is never a reason that installing printer software should take a half hour, but that’s the norm in the last few years when it comes to HP printers. However, this one, on a brand new HP computer, where the hard drive died in the first few months and new drive and software were shipped directly from HP? This is just inexcusable.

If I had bought a replacement hard drive, used the Windows 7 code on the box to install Windows 7 Home Premium manually, it may have taken 2 hours to finish the install, do all updates, restore data and programs…depending on the amount of data of course. Windows 7 is a breeze to install, and by far the fastest and simplest of any MS operating system to install. Half the time you don’t need to even worry about driver installs for the hardware!

So what possible reason is there for an HP PC to need 4 DVD’s (one of them a mysterious “supplemental” disk that has to be used, otherwise you can’t do the restore at all) and 5 plus hours just to get the system back to factory default?

A few months ago HP dropped their tablet lineup in a disaster of marketing, despite the hardware being quite good. They then made the snap decision to get out of the PC market as well, before reversing that decision quickly.

Tell you what HP. Do another reversal, please, and unless you can figure out something as basic as a factory reset…stop selling computers. Don’t even get me started on the non-standard screws you use inside your cases…but if it takes a trained tech 5 hours to replace a hard drive and restore a computer, how do you expect the average home user to do it?

Do us all a favor…go back to what you started out being good at and see if you can replicate the decade old Laserjet 4.

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