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Are you a Twitter Twit?

With the holiday season approaching and the newest in portable smartphone technologies loose on the world, have you noticed the way people act when together in social groups? We mean physically together at a party or event, NOT an online … Continue reading

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SMBs are being Anti-Social?

There is a small but growing trend for SMB companies that seems to be calling out against the effectiveness for business from social media giants Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in. Believe it or not, some companies are “going dark” on the … Continue reading

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Good Job HP.. show us those Customer Service skillz!

Here is a chat log between an HP Support rep and myself. See if you can distinguish the actual dialogue from the scripted dialogue the HP rep uses… Dear Customer, Thank you for using HP Active Chat! Your request has … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s Antivirus Solution…and its FREE!

For years now there has been one thing Microsoft hasn’t ever been able to get a foothold in when it came to Microsoft Windows. Antivirus. They seemed to be able to open up their windows environment to bugs galore, but … Continue reading

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Do you use FREE WiFi in the city? Uh oh You’ve been sidejacked!

Continuing on the theme of wireless defence, here is another short piece about Free WiFi! As more and more iphone, netbook and wireless devices are introduced to the market, many people are unaware of the dangers of hacking into their … Continue reading

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