Are you a Twitter Twit?

With the holiday season approaching and the newest in portable smartphone technologies loose on the world, have you noticed the way people act when together in social groups?

We mean physically together at a party or event, NOT an online group.

Some etiquette to remember during this season is that all social networking (and especially the ones limited to a certain number of characters) do not always convey the message accurately.

Often times meanings, emoticons and “tweetspeak” can eliminate any emotion or context in which the messages are intended.

To that end, here are some things to remember when you are typing out your next message:

1) When at an event, not everybody may want their picture taken and posted online without their consent.

Yes, generally in a public venue at a party taking photos happens amongst friends and family but when you are specifically targetting a stranger or some scene that may be unfolding, the consequences can more than you expect.

2) Drinking and Tweeting can be dangerous.

Sometimes when you have had a few frosty beverages at a social event, your perspective of “funny” is not necessarily shared by everybody around you.

Remember, once you send off that message or photo, there is no “UNDO SEND” button on your cell phone.

3) A HUGE turnoff for most people (especially when meeting strangers for the first time) is to tweet and talk or multi-tweet while you are in a conversation or introduction.

Social graces have altered in recent years and are lax due to casual use of technology but not paying attention to somebody during an introduction is still damn rude!

A good motto for twitter etiquette is “What is rude in person is rude on Twitter”.

4) Don’t TWEET and DRIVE!

This should be obvious. Multitasking of anykind while driving is a terrible idea but doing it now in Ontario is illegal and be sure the police will be out hunting this season.

5) When tweeting about a party or event that is by invitation only, don’t tweet the details.

The host may not be too appreciative of the extra advertising when the doorbell rings and half drunk strangers show up on the front porch.

Essentially, just like any social media, avoid being specific about private or personal information especially about others.

6) The most common principle of tweeting…Everyone will have access to all your tweets all the time!

People forget that this system is similar to a blog or the old style website forums; eventually family, friends, employers, children and law enforcement might come across it.

Lastly, I have one personal request for all of you out there.

I do NOT NEED TO KNOW when you are eating, going to sleep, waking up, going to the bathroom, grooming yourself or waiting in line for anything!

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