Microsoft’s Antivirus Solution…and its FREE!

For years now there has been one thing Microsoft hasn’t ever been able to get a foothold in when it came to Microsoft Windows.


They seemed to be able to open up their windows environment to bugs galore, but they could never come up with a viable antivirus to compete with the likes of Norton, Mcafee and AVG.

They have made a few attempts that weren’t too bad, the late Windows Live OneCare was a good start, but was discontinued a year ago for various reasons. Now Microsoft has released Windows Security Essentials as their own barebones antivirus solutions.

The Microsoft Security Essentials tool is available for free to all home users and as of October will be released with free licensing for small businesses of less than 10 users. So how does it stack up?

Well it is by no means a full featured antivirus suite.

It has no spam tools, no identity theft protection, no advanced firewalls support as is offered by any of the par for use antivirus tools out there.

This tool is more meant to compete with the likes of AVG Free, Avira, and Panda Free, some of the most common free antivirus tools out there. On that level its offerings seem to be quite good. It covers the basics of scheduled scans, blocking infected emails, scanning links from web pages, but does it all in a very small package that never gets in your face or interferes with how you use your system.

The reviews for the virus catching of this tool have been comparable with the most popular free tools out there and it integrates with any version of Windows perfectly.

We just have to hope Microsoft takes a long term view on this relatively new offering and doesn’t pull the plug on it too soon. Take a look at your current antivirus suite and if it’s a few years out of date, this may be worth taking a look at.

Got questions? Send us an email and we’ll help you make the right IT choice for you business.

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