Do you use FREE WiFi in the city? Uh oh You’ve been sidejacked!

Continuing on the theme of wireless defence, here is another short piece about Free WiFi!

As more and more iphone, netbook and wireless devices are introduced to the market, many people are unaware of the dangers of hacking into their accounts while connected to Free unencrypted Wifi centres available all over the place.

The process of capturing somebody’s login information(usually saved as a cookie) from a wireless connection that is unprotected is commonly known as “sidejacking”.

Essentially, websites protect their login pages but do not require an encrypted connection unless it is for banking or some other financial purposes. You all remember the little padlock symbol on your browser page right?

So when you use your browser to connect to sites like Facebook or Twitter, your login information is stored in a cookie file.

This file can be captured literally out of thin air if you are connected to a free unecrypted WiFi connection and within seconds, anybody else using a sniffer program on the network can copy your cookie and use it to gain access instantly.

When we say “instantly”, we mean literally within a click of the mouse.

So, the thought of NOT using free WiFi is horrific to some so we won’t bother hounding you to stop it!

Instead will recommend some of the following alternatives:

1) Do not use the “remember me” features for websites. Plug in your password everytime.

2) Use “Private Browsing” features in the newest browsers. These option will not retain cookies or any cache files that can potentially be stolen. You may loose some convenience but you will protect yourself.

3) Use an encryption software such as “Force TLS plugin” which will encrypt information over the public WiFi systems. You can review it at FORCE TLS

4) Get your own mobile internet connection offered by all ISPs nowadays.

Feel free to contact us for any questions on this matter or to show you how things work with regards to “sidejacking”.

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One Response to Do you use FREE WiFi in the city? Uh oh You’ve been sidejacked!

  1. akaljian says:

    And a good followup by the Privacy Commissioner of Canada…

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