It’s official: Blackberry’s Android phone—the “Priv”—will launch this year | Ars Technica

So who said Blackberry wouldn’t survive past 2012?

Blackberry’s building an Android device with a hardware keyboard and SD card slot.

Source: It’s official: Blackberry’s Android phone—the “Priv”—will launch this year | Ars Technica

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Apple lists top 25 apps hit by malware

But I thought Apple products were “immune” to infections…..

Apple Inc. said the WeChat messaging app and car-hailing app DiDi Taxi were among the 25 most popular apps found to be infected with malicious software.

Source: Apple lists top 25 apps hit by malware

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Office 2016 rolled out by Microsoft – Technology & Science – CBC News

Microsoft Corp said it began the worldwide roll-out of Office 2016, the latest addition to its cloud-based subscription service Office 365, on Tuesday.

Source: Office 2016 rolled out by Microsoft – Technology & Science – CBC News

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Fake porn apps holding Android phones for ransom

Another round of Crypto hitting the mass market.

Android users hoping to get a free look at naked ladies have been caught with their pants down after two fake porn apps have wreaked havoc with their phones.

Source: Fake porn apps holding Android phones for ransom

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FMCN Webinar: How to protect against Crypto Crapware and other threats. 24-Sep-15

With the rash of Crypto related ransomware attacks out there, we have decided to put on a few webinars together to help educate users on how to identify, protect against, remove and recover from these critical infections especially the Crypto family of ransomware.

We recommend all those responsible for the security of their data and network attend. This presentation will be at a beginner level and will have some technical information but will be geared towards end user understanding. Feel free to send this invitation to other business owners or associates who may need a better understanding of the threats out there which includes both Mac and PC users.

These webinars are approximately 45m long, will have notes and a review for you to take away and will have a Q&A afterwards for a more detailed discussion.

The 1st webinar is scheduled for Thursday the 24th of September at 1pm EST. This is a free event and open to the public but registration is required as there are limited connections available on a first come first serve basis. Should registration exceed the number of connections, additional dates will be added.

You can submit your registration below with your name and email or just email us at

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SYNful Knock cyberspying malware takes over Cisco routers – Technology & Science – CBC News

Security researchers say they have uncovered clandestine attacks across three continents on the routers that direct traffic around the internet, potentially allowing suspected cyberspies to harvest vast amounts of data while going undetected.

Source: SYNful Knock cyberspying malware takes over Cisco routers – Technology & Science – CBC News

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Seriously, Microsoft is NOT spying on you

Honestly, I can’t believe we have to address this given the state the internet is in with the rise of cloud computing. For some reason, a lot of people are misreading Microsoft’s Terms of Service in Windows 10 and are panicking that MS is gathering info on their personal data and spreading it all over the world for who knows what purpose.

No. They aren’t. Honestly, there are real threats to worry about in the Cloud era of computing, this isn’t one of them. ZDNet had a great article recently (with a wonderfully exasperated tone) that tackled this issue.

Take a read here: No, Microsoft is not spying on you with Windows 10

Can we get back to REAL issues now? *cough* ransomware *cough*

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10 Signs you are “geekier” than you thought.

Some inspired thoughts to gauge whether you are more of a geek than you thought.

10. You mouse has more than 2 buttons and a wheel on it. (or you use a trackball because they are “cooler”) ratmouse

9. Your keyboard keys glow or light up. Ergonomic keyboards don’t count, they are just weird. rainbow-light-up-keyboard

8. You actually use the usb coffee warmer that somebody gave you as a gag gift. USB Coffee Warmer at

7. If this sounds right to you…” Now that I got the 27″ Samsung, I’ll never go back to anything smaller.”

6. On the topic of monitors, if you use 2 or more monitors for HOME and not just the office, you might be a geek. (

5. If you carry a usb stick that is larger 64GB and it resides on your keyring. If you carry an additional one in your pocket/bag/purse just “in case” then you might be a geek.

4. If you have setup remote access not only from home to work, but from work to home, from tablet to home, from tablet to work, from work to tablet etc etc.

3. When external hard drives go on sale, you buy more than 1 (sometimes even as gifts to other people)

2. If you know what a Blue Snowball is.. you qualify as a geek. Blue Snowball

1. You have visited any of these sites more than once. or or Dude I Want that or The Fark or Geeks are Sexy(don’t worry, its not porn!)

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Our Windows 10 advice – should you or shouldn’t you?

We have been getting calls on this almost daily, “my computer keeps telling me that I should upgrade to Windows 10. What should I do?”

Our simplest answer? Windows 10 is excellent, but still evolving. It’s free for a year (until July 2016), so there is no rush to upgrade. Hold off a few months, let other people be the bug testers, then go ahead and do it using Windows Update.

Now the longer answer? Windows 10 is actually REALLY good. We’ve done upgrades on several systems using the most common methods and have only had one system do a hiccup, but it was easily restored and redone with no issue.

Microsoft has caused a bit of confusion with this upgrade, as they pushed out an option to “reserve” your copy of Windows up before it was released. If you did that, you were put into a queue as Microsoft slowly started to roll out the upgrade to millions of users via windows update. This applies to anyone with a legit copy of Windows 7 or 8.1, which means almost all users are eligible for the upgrade.

As good as the new release is, we are sticking with our standard advice whenever any new OS is released. Be patient. Unless you really know what you are doing, are comfortable with your backups, playing with new software, tweaking it and possibly having to restore back to your old…wait. In the few weeks that it has been out, Microsoft has already had to push a number of updates out to quash bugs as the OS hits a wider audience. Nothing catastrophic, but we find it is always good to let others deal with the initial bug hunting (with we at Fixmycomputernow being some of the bug hunters).

With that being said…Windows 10 is REALLY good. Microsoft has done a great job making the upgrade as seamless as possible. No reinstalls of programs, no copying of data, it just works. Be patient, wait until the fall and do it then. We’d be more than happy to assist, as this new OS is going to be around for a while and has a lot going for it.

A couple of caveats if you want to try it on your own:

1> Make sure you have a FULL backup of your system to an external source before you begin. We haven’t needed it yet, but you never know.

2> if something does go wrong (we had the windows store and all associated apps lockout on one install) you can revert back to your old version within 30 days.

3> if you connect remotely to a work server that uses Server 2008 or earlier DO NOT do the upgrade. Consult with your IT to confirm, as Windows 10 may not be able to remote into earlier server setups.

4> DO install antivirus on the system above and beyond the built-in Windows Defender. Microsoft’s Security Essentials does not work with Windows 10 (it didn’t with 8.1 either), but there are many good options for this. Talk with us for the best choices.

As always, if you aren’t sure, want to try it, or just have questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll help walk you along the path to what is going to be a great new OS from Microsoft.

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How to Activate “God Mode” in Windows 10

We reported on this for Windows 7, but it is good to know that it is still there for Windows 10.

How to Activate "God Mode" in Windows 10 – Geeks are Sexy Technology NewsGeeks are Sexy Technology News.

If you want to re-read the tips including god mode for Windows 7, here it is.

Useful tech tricks

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