Windows 10 creeps even closer to landing on your PC – CNET

Microsoft makes a status change that has implications for all you Windows 7 and 8.1 users.

Source: Windows 10 creeps even closer to landing on your PC – CNET

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AVG, McAfee, Kaspersky Antiviruses All Had a Common Bug – Slashdot

An anonymous reader writes: Basic ASLR was not implemented in 3 major antivirus makers, allowing attackers to use the antivirus itself towards attacking Windows PCs. The bug, in layman terms, is: the antivirus would select the same memory address space every time it would run. If attackers found out the memory space’s address, they could tell their malicious code to execute in the same space, at the same time, and have it execute with root privileges, which most antivirus have on Windows PCs. It’s a basic requirement these days for software programmers to use ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) to prevent their code from executing in predictable locations. Affected products: AVG, McAfee, Kaspersky. All “quietly” issued fixes



Source: AVG, McAfee, Kaspersky Antiviruses All Had a Common Bug – Slashdot

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Dell apologizes for HTTPS certificate fiasco, provides removal tool | Ars Technica

So Dell has been preloading extras into your new purchases without you knowing. This is typical of what we call CRAPWARE which regardless of intent, is additional software added to your purchase without your informed and obvious consent. It is covered under the EULA and purchase agreement which legally covers their butts but is a poor practice.

Click Source: Dell apologizes for HTTPS certificate fiasco, provides removal tool | Ars Technica

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Cybersecurity experts warn of new ModPOS malware targeting retail payment terminals – Business – CBC News

U.S. retailers are hunting for evidence of new breaches leading into the holiday shopping season after a cyber intelligence firm privately warned them about payment-card-stealing malware that it said evades almost all security software.

Source: Cybersecurity experts warn of new ModPOS malware targeting retail payment terminals – Business – CBC News

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CryptoWall returns for another round with CryptoWall 4.0

Backup is going to be more important then ever now because this new version encrypts the FILENAMES as well meaning it will be impossible to tell what the files are once they are attacked.

Read the article below from our Intronis Partner forum for the details.


CryptoWall 4.0 has arrived on the ransomware scene. Find out what’s different about this latest twist on the ransomware juggernaut.

Source: CryptoWall returns for another round with CryptoWall 4.0

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2015 was the worst in history for OSX malware

oh now here is a shock!

A new report from Bit9 and Carbon Black details how 2015 was the worst year in history for OSX malware. In a 10 week study conducted by both organizations it was discovered that 2015 had 5 times more malware than all of 2010-2014 combined. OSX users need to take security seriously or they are bound to be affected by future malware.

Source: 2015 was the worst in history for OSX malware

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The 2015 Social Media Shortcuts Guide [Infographic] – Geeks are Sexy Technology

This is a pretty cool Info Graphic for different short cuts on your social media browser apps. It even shows the PC vs. Mac differences where there are any.



[Source: SetUpABlogToday]

Source: The 2015 Social Media Shortcuts Guide [Infographic] – Geeks are Sexy Technology NewsGeeks are Sexy Technology News

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Windows 10 still optional – no matter what you might read

There has been some news of late that Microsoft is making some changes in the new year to how it is rolling out Windows 10 for people still on Windows 7 or 8. Reports have indicated that MS will be making the upgrade into a recommended update that will upgrade your system if you have automatic updates set up on your computer, whether you want it or not.

Well, that’s not entirely accurate. MS did some clarification on this and we’d like to clarify our thoughts on that too.

We like Windows 10. A lot. We think it’s one of the best OS releases Microsoft has ever done and that it is actually better than the fantastic Windows 7 (and definitely superior to Windows 8). Despite that, we’ve been recommending to most of our client that there is no rush to upgrade to it. There is a major update (something called Threshold) due later this fall that will change a lot in Windows 10, almost an early Service Pack release, even though MS says they aren’t doing service packs anymore. With this coming down the pipe and the upgrade still free until the middle of 2016, we’ve been telling people to hold off until the upgrade path has stabilized a bit and they are ready to do it.

The news recently has made it seem that Microsoft is going to force this change whether you want it or not. That is a major problem for many corporate or small businesses who run software that isn’t ready to upgrade from Windows 7 yet, or that aren’t ready for the employee learning curve any new OS brings on. So hold on, as you are not going to be forced to do anything against your will.

See this report via ZDNET: Microsoft Clarifies Next Phase of Windows 10 Rollout. Yes, Microsoft is moving the upgrade from being a reserved update to being optional and then recommended. Despite that, you will always have to manually choose to do the upgrade, even if your Windows Update are set to automatically install (as they should be). If by chance you click-through to do it and realize that something doesn’t work after the upgrade, or that you just don’t like it, you have a full month in which you can roll back to your previous install with virtually no issues.

So don’t panic! You can keep the Windows version you prefer. Though…Windows 10 is REALLY good.

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Are the medical devices attached to your network secured?

We have many medical clients including Dentists, Optometrists, Chiropractors, General Practitioners and Plastic Surgeons. One of the issues in servicing this market is working with medical device vendors.  There is a wide range of technology out there and these include devices such as 3D retinal scanners to the more common digital xrays and cameras.

The problem is that these devices are becoming more popular without consideration to the IT infrastructure of the doctor’s practice. What I mean by that is, these devices are now being placed on the network with access to shared folders of data, internet and wifi services without necessarily discussing the repercussions with the client.

In most cases, the device vendors just assume they are good to go, they proceed to install their equipment without full disclosure of what that means to the rest of the systems. Just like any other purchase, a good salesman can make the client feel comfortable in purchasing the equipment without fully understanding what is happening.

This can be an especially significant problem for IT when the medical devices run either antiquated technology or cross platform non compatible technology like Windows XP, Serial cable connections or Linux operating systems.

A good example is an office we recently had issues with, where the doctor was “intimidated” by the vendor to purchase a specific type of scanner only to find out that the pc attached to it was running Windows XP 64-bit. This caused problems on both on policy side and technology side that was all modernized in terms of now having an unsupported and vulnerable system connected live to the internet through the office network. He was committed to a 5 year contract for this device and the vendor would not allow changes or modifications to their provided equipment without significant cost adjustments.

There are also medical standards and laws that govern certain device configuration and operating specification that make it difficult when something goes wrong.

Unfortunately, the device vendors have spent their money on creating amazing technologies to scan, image and process medical examinations but their interfaces can be  sorely lacking.

Many times a doctor purchases and agrees to a contract for a device without discussing it with their IT first which leaves us reeling to “make it work” quickly and in some cases in a jury-rigged manner. This can be frustrating and time consuming and ultimately more expensive than the client thought.

Many times the IT provider can not only help determine what path to follow, but can help save money but asking the right questions of the vendor before any commitment is made. By not involving IT in these discussions, the cost of “fixing” or “adjusting” things after the device is purchased and installed can cost big bucks in research, down time and any “extra” the vendors have to do to make it work.

It always good to remember, IT or “Computer” guys are not just there to fix problems that arise but they can be used to help plan your long term technology needs and prevent issues from arising.

If you wish to discuss this article, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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FMCN Webinar: How to protect against Crypto Crapware and other threats. 9-November-15

For those who missed it last time, we are bringing back our latest webinar in November.

With the rash of Crypto related ransomware attacks out there, we have decided to put on a few webinars together to help educate users on how to identify, protect against, remove and recover from these critical infections especially the Crypto family of ransomware.

We recommend all those responsible for the security of their data and network attend. This presentation will be at a beginner level and will have some technical information but will be geared towards end user understanding. Feel free to send this invitation to other business owners or associates who may need a better understanding of the threats out there which includes both Mac and PC users.

These webinars are approximately 45m long, will have notes and a review for you to take away and will have a Q&A afterwards for a more detailed discussion.

The 1st webinar is scheduled for Monday the 9th of November at 11am EST. This is a free event and open to the public but registration is required as there are limited connections available on a first come first serve basis. Should registration exceed the number of connections, additional dates will be added.

You can submit your registration below with your name and email or just email us at

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