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What is SSD and why should I consider it for my PC?

With the advancement in hard drive technology, SSD or Solid State Drives are making a strong advance into everyday use computing. A solid state drive is basically a hard drive without moving parts. You can think of an SSD drive … Continue reading

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Power Outages, Spikes and Surprises – 5 things you need to know about your technology!

Recently, we had a city wide power outage which yet again, affected technology across the board. During the Christmas break, we had a power outage through out the city for a significant amount of time. Due to the ice storm … Continue reading

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MailChimp and the new Canadian Spam laws! Unsubscribe NOW if you don’t want this!

I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about MailChimp and the new laws coming into effect as of July 2014. Previously, we used newsletter software that we purchased several years ago to give us a tool to send out … Continue reading

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What does the new Windows 8.1 update mean for you?

Microsoft released the new Windows 8.1 update for all devices as a mandatory update. This means that in order to get any future updates or patches, you must install this one first. This release has improved a few things especially … Continue reading

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Windows XP end of life is NOT the only problem!

The announcement from Microsoft to end support and the life of XP as an active operating system has been buzzing through the internet for more than 2 years now. The reality is that XP EOL(end of life) is not the … Continue reading

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Top 10 things your IT contractor IS or IS NOT responsible for.

“Exactly what does IT do?” A question we have heard hundreds if not thousands of times during the last 20 years. Each IT company provides a variety of technology related services. Some are generalists, some are specialists, some are “boutique” … Continue reading

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Review: Seagate BlackArmor NAS (Network Attached Storage)

Today’s review is of the Seagate BlackArmor NAS, specifically the Business Storage 4Bay NAS 4TB model#stbp4000100. We recently installed this unit for our offices to expand our storage needs instead of changing and upgrading our existing server configuration. Our primary … Continue reading

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