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Why are computers so expensive in 2018?

We haven’t posted in our busy 2018 yet, but there has been a question popping up quite a bit of late when we have been quoting new computers for our clients. Why do computers seem so much more expensive than … Continue reading

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Your smartphone, your fingerprint and the law

With my new Pixel, I have been introduced to the modern world of using biometrics to secure my smartphone, something that my old blackberry world could never imagine. As useful as my fingerprint is to keep my phone casually secure, … Continue reading

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From Blackberry to Pixel – time for a change

So I made the switch. It was with a heavy heart that I gave up my Blackberry Z30 on the overlooked and underrated BB10 OS. Three weeks ago, I upgraded to a Google Pixel 128GB Android 7.1 powered smartphone and … Continue reading

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Bing and Google improving search spam security

This took long enough by both of the major search providers. As the article below shows, Bing is finally blocking the promoted ads for companies claiming to provide tech support, but are nine time out of ten a scam. At … Continue reading

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Another level of malware – spear phishing

It is getting harder and harder to keep up with malware these days. By the time we attempt to write an article warning about a new campaign in the wild (like the new ransomware that encrypts entire hard drives), something … Continue reading

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New wave of “Malvertising” hitting – do your backups!

Get ready for a bumpy ride, because here we go again. Reports are coming in of a massive wave of malware laced ads that are hitting mainstream website and infecting people with Cryptolocking viruses just from browsing a website. You … Continue reading

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Windows 10 still optional – no matter what you might read

There has been some news of late that Microsoft is making some changes in the new year to how it is rolling out Windows 10 for people still on Windows 7 or 8. Reports have indicated that MS will be … Continue reading

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Some good new on the Ransomware front

This was some welcome news we saw today and big congrats to Cisco and OpenDNS (who Cisco recently bought) for the accomplishment. We’ve had several clients in the last 6 months be hit with variants of this and it is … Continue reading

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Seriously, Microsoft is NOT spying on you

Honestly, I can’t believe we have to address this given the state the internet is in with the rise of cloud computing. For some reason, a lot of people are misreading Microsoft’s Terms of Service in Windows 10 and are … Continue reading

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Our Windows 10 advice – should you or shouldn’t you?

We have been getting calls on this almost daily, “my computer keeps telling me that I should upgrade to Windows 10. What should I do?” Our simplest answer? Windows 10 is excellent, but still evolving. It’s free for a year … Continue reading

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