FMCN Workshop Series for Business Owners

Several of our long time customers have recently been asking about workshops that we put on a few years ago to help our clients with upcoming technology issues that would apply to the business world.

After some discussion we have decided to bring back our workshop series and make it available to all of our clients and collegues.

Further, we have partnered with Jane Sleeth from Optimal Performance Consultants to add a very special workshop regarding accessibility and the new AODA laws that go into effect January 1, 2012.

The workshops are designed as morning events and run for 3 hours. Continental breakfast and refreshments are included and copies of the workshop materials will be provided for the attendees to take with them. Workshops have a minimum regsitration to proceed.

They will be held at our offices at 312-515 Consumers Road in North York.

Here is a list of the available workshops and dates:


Disaster Recovery – Is your business prepared?

This workshop is designed to help business owners understand the process of planning for electronic disaster.

Important elements include backup, redundancy, theft, acts of god, liability, employee/employer responsbility, prevention and total recovery.

The concepts discussed will help the attendee understand what technology is available to prevent, monitor and recover their critical data in case of total data meltdown.

December 9th, 2011 – 8am-11am

Price per attendee: $99+HST


Technology Start UP! – Starting a new business and need a technology plan?

This workshop is designed to help new business owners understand the technology needs to grow a business from a one person operation to a traditionally sized office environment.

This includes topics of computing technology (computers, tablets, smartphons etc), software planning (cloud computing vs. local), safety and security (backup and protection), networking (wired and wireless), mobility (travel, remote access and offline/online), business planning, industry compliance and technology auditing and policy creation (user access, privacy and storage).

The concepts discussed will help the attendee understand what technology is available and where the technology will go as part of their long term business plan.

December 16th, 2011 – 8am-11am

Price per attendee: $99+HST


AODA and Technology compliance! – Is your business ready for the new accessability laws?

This is a 2 part workshop involving the understand of the new accessabillity laws and the changes to technology requirements of PIPEDA (the privacy act).

As all businesses are legislated to comply to AODA as of January 1, 2012 we have partnered with Jane Sleeth of Optimal Peformance Consultants to provide an understanding of the guidelines and concepts of the new laws.

The second part will be a review of the existing electronic requirements of PIPEDA and will explain and help you understand how your business can be compliant using technology.

January 10th, 2012 – 8am-11am

Price per attendee: $229+HST (10% off for multiple registrations)

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