Top 10 scariest things about technology that businesses should know!

I thought in honour of Halloween weekend, I would review some of the things that scare business owners when it comes to technology.

1) Meltdowns – Whether it begins with a PC shutting down due to overheating or dust so thick it clogs up every vent, there have been reported cases of electrical fires starting inside PC’s that are filthy. Get your systems cleaned annually!

2) Wifi Hacking – The latest scare is that even the newest wifi security can be hacked! Is it true? Yes. But there are techniques and procedures that can be implemented to minimize the risk. Use long complex passwords!

3) Virus/Malware – This was the obvious one that we didn’t want to include. If you read the BOTNET article to your left, you will see why! The greatest tool is not software, but upgrading YOUR knowledge of how to safely surf!

4) Disaster Recovery – What happens when your lose your business data? That’s a scary concept! Preventing disaster is 50% active procedure and 50% planning for recovery! BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP…THEN TEST YOUR BACKUP!

5) Identity Theft – Most fraud attempts today are not electronic in deisgn but rather use email, websites and social media programs to try and LURE access to your information. Having your information stolen then replicated to steal money is the most popular e-fraud today! Do NOT click on everything you receive. Question anything suspicious even if it says its from a friend!

6) Data Theft – In most cases, data theft occurs from those already authorized to access it i.e. employees or sub-contractors who see an opportunity to take information with them. A good data protection plan includes tracking and auditing your data access. Good software with good common-sense business procedures will do the trick! Ask US and we will show you.

7) Disconnection – Are you using the Cloud? What happens if your internet goes down? What happens if your Cloud provider goes bankrupt? There are a lot of questions that you need to ask before jumping headfirst into Cloud computing otherwise your cost savings will fall out of the clouds and fast. Redundancy! Redundancy! Redundancy!

8) Brand Destruction/Hijacking – What happens when somebody intentionally targets you for electronic assault? Hacking your systems? Hijacking your website? Influencing your staff to leak information? All are possible tactics of intentional directed attacks but software, firewalls, procedures and tracking technologies can all help to reduce risk. Does your IT staff have the external resources and experience to deal with targeted attacks?

9) Mobile Device Loss – Your shiny Iphone and Blackberry are great! Oops, you left it in the taxi or at a client or at a theatre! What now? Can you track it? Is it secured so somebody cannot just start using it? 2 words – “REMOTE NUKE”!

10) Being Left behind the times – This is probably the scariest of them all! With today’s technology changing on a weekly and monthly basis, it is hard for even IT oriented geeks to keep up with the trends.

The truth is that in business today, a certain amount of time is required to read, browse and surf information just to know WHAT to read, browse and surf!

Having the ability to search and scrutinize the current Internet information is a skillset previously not part of a business owner’s training. Spend 15 minutes at the beginning of the day surfing for new trends and information relating to your business!

In general, all these points will in some way connect back to DOWNTIME which is the #1 fear of most businesses next to loss of all their data. By breaking it down, you can see where the stress most affects your business!

We can help you get the procedures and technology in place to minimize the risks. Should you wish to discuss any of these points, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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