Your smartphone, your fingerprint and the law

With my new Pixel, I have been introduced to the modern world of using biometrics to secure my smartphone, something that my old blackberry world could never imagine. As useful as my fingerprint is to keep my phone casually secure, there has been a growing debate about the legality of using biometrics to secure any device. So to go with my new Android phone, I’ve been following some new Android sites and this led to a great article about the legal issues with biometrics and issues with law enforcement and border crossings. Given the state of the world right now, this seems more relevant than ever.

Note we can’t speak to the accuracy of the legalities discussed here, nor their relevance in Canada, however the notion of how to be sure you phone is secure from being unlocked by JUST your fingerprint, or facial recognition, or your eyes, is something to consider.

Your privacy, fingerprints and the Fifth Amendment

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