The 5 Stages of Data Loss

” @!#$&!!! It’s all gone!” is a common phrase we hear when clients call with a horror story of losing information from one or more of their systems. Over the years, we have a had a pretty good track record on recovering lost data for our clients and we have found a common set of emotions that everybody goes through when critical information takes a hike. Let’s review…

1) DenialOtherwise known as “How could this happen?”

Yup, someone deleted something, emptied the trash where they keep all their important documents, spilt a drink on their keyboard because it was the only place to put the cup, dropped it into the lake because they had to move the Muskoka chair on the dock. We have heard them all. The Top 3:
a) The fire department used chemical foam to put the fire out, and my desk was no exception.
b) My dog has a weak bladder.
c) I didn’t know mice could eat through cables.

Data can get lost so easily. With “cloud” technology you would think less data loss would occur, but in our experience people are taking things for granted and there is actually MORE data loss happening.

2) Panic“Who can help me right now!”

So depending on the user’s technology level this can range from googling some answers from another unit, to asking a relative, neighbour, associate, doctor, dog walker, stranger delivering food etc. You need to resist the urge to grab the first “techie” person and get their advice. Find the right person for the job. Generally, we get the call from new clients after they have exhausted all other options until they ask somebody “Who else do you know who can get this recovered?”

3) Anger “Why me????”

“HOW MUCH??? But I only need my accounting data… it’s not a lot of data but it’s important!” Depending on data recovery methods that need to be implemented, it can range from inexpensive, in the couple of hundred dollars range, if we can do it in house or all the way up to the complicated lab work which can be in the thousands of dollars. How much depends on what happened to the technology and how fast you want it. It is NOT dependent on the volume of data to be recovered.

4) Bargaining “If I can just get my son’s irreplaceable grad photos back, I will be happy…”

This is the waiting game. Calling every 2 hours, sending emails and texts every 30 minutes does not help speed up the process. Recoveries generally take time and sometimes it can be a few hours, sometimes it can be days. It all depends on the recovery method and complexity of the damage.

5) Salvation “OMG, you got it back!? It’s finally over!”

Yes, in most cases we can get the data back if you are okay with the fees. Sometimes, the fees are too high for the value of the data and so the process never happens but you have the choice. There are always certain cases that are unrecoverable but we usually know this up front. If a harddrive has melted down into liquid metal due to a fire, there is nothing we can do for that drive.

A proper backup solutions can prevent the need for recovery – eliminating the stress, delay and drain on your wallet.

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