New wave of “Malvertising” hitting – do your backups!

Get ready for a bumpy ride, because here we go again. Reports are coming in of a massive wave of malware laced ads that are hitting mainstream website and infecting people with Cryptolocking viruses just from browsing a website.

You can find the details on Ars Technica here: Big-name sites hit by rash of malicious ads

The key to remember here is that most of these attacks cannot be prevented by your antivirus. They often use exploits found in Flash or Silverlight (two common and far too buggy ways of delivering ads) to bypass protections. The real problem is that you can be infected by a tiny ad on a page that begins playing without any interaction from you. This happens when the ad provider gets compromised and the sites generally have nothing to do with that interaction.

We’ve said this many times, but make sure your backups are current! Whether you are a business or home user, check them and make sure they are running. And yes, this applies to Mac users too, as a new crypto attack on Mac systems was recently uncovered.

As always, if you have questions, contact us and we’ll discuss options with you and how you can protect yourself, including whether it is a good idea to remove Flash and run adblocking software.

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