10 Signs you are “geekier” than you thought.

Some inspired thoughts to gauge whether you are more of a geek than you thought.

10. You mouse has more than 2 buttons and a wheel on it. (or you use a trackball because they are “cooler”) ratmouse

9. Your keyboard keys glow or light up. Ergonomic keyboards don’t count, they are just weird. rainbow-light-up-keyboard

8. You actually use the usb coffee warmer that somebody gave you as a gag gift. USB Coffee Warmer at Amazon.ca

7. If this sounds right to you…” Now that I got the 27″ Samsung, I’ll never go back to anything smaller.”

6. On the topic of monitors, if you use 2 or more monitors for HOME and not just the office, you might be a geek. www.stefandidak.com (www.stefandidak.com)

5. If you carry a usb stick that is larger 64GB and it resides on your keyring. If you carry an additional one in your pocket/bag/purse just “in case” then you might be a geek.

4. If you have setup remote access not only from home to work, but from work to home, from tablet to home, from tablet to work, from work to tablet etc etc.

3. When external hard drives go on sale, you buy more than 1 (sometimes even as gifts to other people)

2. If you know what a Blue Snowball is.. you qualify as a geek. Blue Snowball

1. You have visited any of these sites more than once. Thinkgeek.com or Gizmodo.com or Dude I Want that or The Fark or Geeks are Sexy(don’t worry, its not porn!)

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