Samsung laptop users beware!

So after Lenovo had its Superfish fiasco last year, you’d think that hardware makers would be more careful about making changes to their users systems that are malware-like. It appears not, as Samsung has pulled a fast one on their laptop users. See below:

Now the reasons they offer are somewhat legit. We never recommend that you update your systems drivers via Windows update. They aren’t the optimized versions of driver and are more likely to break a system. However, their response was WAY over the top in two ways.

1> Giving no controls to the user to be able to reverse the change that prevents Windows Update from working.

2> Not simply working with MS to be sure the best driver are available.

If you’ve got a Samsung laptop (and I’ll be honest I can’t remember the last one I saw in use) beware. I’ve seen reports that Samsung is putting out a fix to reverse this change, but nothing concrete as yet.

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