#HUAW Hurry Up and Wait

The Bane of IT techs everywhere!

The curse of working on computer systems in this modern day of cloud computing and multi-level technical support is the inevitable problem of waiting for somebody else or something else to complete its portion of whatever it is you are working on.

This can be waiting for a computer that is old to finish copying data, it could be waiting on a support line with a tier 1 level tech to get further instructions, or it could be waiting for routers or servers to reboot. It is especially relevant when you are instructed to wait for said actions to occur and regardless of getting paid to wait, it can be a technician’s greatest frustration.

Since a couple of our technicians, Leon and Bruno are currently onsite doing just that, I thought it would be funny to review a few other terms that we use in our everyday conversations amongst ourselves.

#Crapware – unnecessary, unwanted or trial software pre-installed on a new computer by the manufacturer.

#scriptkiddie – people who download apps or tools on the internet to fix things without understanding what the items actually do.

#gaveuptheghost – a system under data recovery that fails. Usually this means the physical hardware is electrically or mechanically failing.

#schmuksunlimited – referring to other IT operators who previously worked on the current systems in question and are deemed incompetent.

#deadtest – when we pull the power to test batteries or UPS systems.

#zombie – a computer with a rootkit infection so bad that it requires a full rebuild.

#nuke – completely wiping a computer/device of any and all data.

#boatanchor or #bricked – when a computer is completely dead to a point where it will not turn on.

#clusterf*ck – when a system suddenly performs many negative actions simultaneously without cause. Usually this is a sign of a system that is beyond simple repair.

#plugandpray – an oldy but a goody referring to something that you attach or install on a computer that is supposed to work without any configuration.

There are lots of other more “geeky” terms and lingo but in our office, these are the most common.

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