Common Misconceptions – What the hell is your IT guy talking about?

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This week has found me knee deep in meetings and reviews with various clients about their technology. The biggest common theme I found recently was that they all had some kind of misconception of their IT infrastructure based on “things they heard/saw on the internet”. Even though I have been working with some of these clients for years, it was a little surprising to hear them make assumptions about things we previously had discussed.

That being said, have your tech top of mind is not what most people do, so naturally if they are not in a technology business, forgetting things or misunderstanding things is understandable. This is further compounded when you have different “expert” sources giving you conflicting informaiton.

For example, if a software provider makes comments on what hardware you need, it may conflict with what your hardware vendors are asking for. In the same vein, if your…

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