5 things people overlook when buying new laptops or computers

Recently we had a client come in to have us setup their new computer. They didn’t ask us ahead of time about specifications or things to keep in mind but rather purchased it based on affordable pricing. Unfortunately, the time and things we needed to add to bring the new computer up to the user’s expectations added another 50% to the price of the unit and of course left the client somewhat frustrated and disappointed in their “deal”. This article published a couple of years ago remains valid today when considering a new unit.

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We frequently get people calling us because they have just purchased a new computer at a “Great deal” and after playing with it a bit, realize that it is not quite what they thought it would be or perform as they thought it should.

We always try to educate our clients that buying a pc is NOT like buying a toaster. Many people look at a computer and see the basic components and a price and make a value judgement without knowing how the components interact to give them performance. That being said, many people buy on the cheap and then wonder why they need to buy a another computer a year down the road.

Here are some easy tips to help people understand WHY a $400 computer is different from a $1000 computer.

1) In the old days, RAM was king. By that we meant that the more RAM…

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