The “Geek” Holiday Wish List

It is the time of year where the combination of sales plus open wallets equal the Holiday Technology Bonanza! If you missed black friday and cyber monday, then you still have 10 shopping days left for the latest and greatest.

Here are some of our picks starting with our own little gift idea:

For those of you who have been asking about our shirts, we finally have them ready for public consumption. They come in all men’s sizes, women’s babydoll sizes and even a few kids sizes. Just contact us for details.
i see dead data generic shirt

$25 for one, $20 each for 3 or more!

You can contact us at for details.

Our next selection is based solely on our desire to have Firefly the TV show brought back!

Firefly Serenity Flash Drive
8gb of shiny metal usb storage!

It is currently available at for $29.99USD.

Next up is the natural progession in the sci-fi world from storing your media on a sub stick to playing your media. That’s no moon!

Death Star Bluetooth Speaker
Available at for $69.99USD.


This one I have been waiting for years to come out. A monitor stand with built-in USB hubs. This is a fantastic idea that should have been brought to market decades ago.


Available at for $129.99USD.

Talk to one of our consultants if you have any questions or would like more details on any of the information presented here.

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