I see DEAD data…and other scary things!

In the Spirit of Halloween, I came up with some photos from our portfolio of cabling work from past years where we were brought in to fix or clean up a mess. Trust me, some of these are SCARY not only to the clients who owned them but to us while we untangled the mess in most cases blind to what can of crazy we were opening up.

First up the one we liked to call “The drape of death”. This particular job has more than 200 connections and none of the labeling was correct. On top of that, the slightly touch to one single cable could potentially disconnect dozens more. We had to do the whole job in 48 hours with a crew of 4.

Cable Drape

Next up, “The Rainbow Connection”. Normally different colours are used to identify categories of equipment. In this case, they just used whatever patch cables they had regardless of length or type. With over 100 devices connected, it took 8 hours to sort through it all.


This next one is called “The precarious perch”. Most of the equipment was not secured and was balanced and teetered on the shelves with the cables themselves used to restrain things from falling. Most of it had fallen previously on employees of the company.

Cabling Mess

“Hiding in the closet” was another one where nothing was secured and only balanced on a shelf in a closet that was accessible by everybody including cleaning staff getting the vacuum cleaner(see red handle).

Scary Closet

The last one I call “The cursed cement pumpkin” because it sort of resembles a pumpkin face. After specifically dealing with an electrician to install conduit and access boxes for cabling, we came to the jobsite to find our cables literally buried in cement damaging them beyond repair. I didn’t know there was a mob hit contracted out on our poor cables.

scary box

It is amazing to us to find almost an unlimited selection of crazy cabling situations for clients who never thought poor cabling could be related to poor network and internet performance. Now that’s scary!

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