Yup..Must Have!

From time to time, we come across new gadgets and technologies that awake the geek in us. For some it is always about having the latest and greatest, for others its about the uniqueness of a particular item, but in generally the common theme is…MUST HAVE!

Our first item, is one I have purchased myself and have relied on frequenty. It is an external USB battery pack for charging your phone, laptop or tablet. I have the slightly older version which provides 13500mAh of power; enough to charge my smartphone 8-10 times without charging the battery itself.


At Amazon.com right now for $52, it is a steal!

New-Trent-PowerPak-Shockproof USB Battery

Our next favorite item is a wireless mini keyboard that can be used on any computing device but works particularly well for people who have computers or TV smart boxes for thier media. Its small, easy to use and replaces any wired or bulky traditional keyboard and mouse combo.



And last but not least, my personal favorite, a usb rechargeable flashlight:



It retails for $8 USD, what a deal!

Talk to one of our consultants if you have any questions or would like more details on any of the information presented here.

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