Apple and iCloud security and the lack of it

A big shout out to Ars Technica for doing the work to research this after last week’s iCloud breach and continuing it after the breathless Apple hype for their new(ish) devices.

If you have an iPhone, iPad or even one of the newer iPod’s you need to read this and consider the methods recommended for securing your device. It is FAR too easy to an even casually determined attacker to breach the iCloud right now. Apple is working on this, and their new iOS will be better, but that doesn’t save people on other devices.

It isn’t hard to secure your data, though it might add some extra layers to how you get to it, but in the end its worth it. Don’t think “oh no one would ever attack me!” You have more worth for your data then you can imagine. Take the steps now to beef up your security.

And then…consider switching to a more secure platform. Seriously.

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