Want to stop those autoplaying advertisements?

It’s amazing sometimes where you find tips for annoying, vexing “features” of browsing the web. One of the most annoying of late has been the trend of advertisements with videos in them to automatically start playing with no input from the user. They just start. You can have multiple tabs open, be watching something you actually want to see and hear, and suddenly another tab is cutting in with audio you don’t care about. You have no clue where the advertisement is, but you can’t get the bloody thing to stop!

Well leave it to a political blog I read to finally post some quick tips on how to turn this “feature off”.

I’m linking directly to the page to give them full credit, but I have checked and these seem to work on the latest editions of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. They are simply to do and will give you the relief from something even more annoying than pop-up and pop-under ads.


See sometimes the political types can actually REDUCE the noise…nice change of pace for them.

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