5 things to remember about your technology move

Part of our services is to help our clients who are moving and need to take their technology with them. Though there are some things that are similar to setting up a new business, moving business locations can present their own challenges. In many cases, clients try to plan and execute their office moves on their own.

In some cases, they may ask a furniture or design consultant to help if their are any modifications or construction issues at the new location but rarely do they consult their IT provider (if external) to help plan their technology move. Generally, in our experience, we get the call AFTER all the plans have been made or actually the day of the move which can end up being disastrous.

We recommend having your IT involved right from the planning stage. Not only can they help act to manage the transition but can recommend avenues of opportunity that you may not have considered which could save you time and money or both.

1) Plan your internet and phone provisioning well in advance. This refers to tell your providers you are moving and figuring out what services need to be moved, cancelled and/or re-established. The most common mistake is to wait until the last minute to place the move order with the provider or worse, forget completely until the day of the move. Move order can take anywhere between 1 to 10 business days and usually it is the latter. Also note, that if your new space is to be constructed, that could affect your move order time.

2) Technology teardown and setup. This is the phase where you actually pack and unpack your hardware. In a lot of cases, movers will be engaged to this for workstations but who is responsible for your servers, network gear and specialty equipment? Who will shutddown and properly backup things prior to packing? When the movers unpack, will they be responsible for reconnection? All good questions to find out who is responsible and more importantly who is accountable.

3) Cabling for data and voice. If you are moving into the new space, has a review of your cabling been done? What about wifi? If it is under construction is your contractor taking care of it? Is your contractor qualified to do it? If you are not sure, here is an article you should read first: Why you should NOT let your electrician run your data cabling!

4) Systems Furniture refers to modular workstation style furniture that is designed to have electrical, data and voice cabling hidden inside and allows for easy configuration of your desk layout. If you have to get new furniture for your move, this is the time to consider a furniture change. For smaller offices that are using traditional single user desks, they should consider where their computer and technology will be located in relation to the wall jacks and electrical outlets.

5) Environmental concerns – Does the new space have the proper power requirements or do they suffer from brownouts, blackouts or surges? Many times, the new location may not have the right power configuration for servers or UPS systems and in fact, may not have sufficient electrical outlets for all the technology. A review of the power of the new location is always advised.

Over all, moving is stressful and usually annoying. Downtime and employee time are always of a concern so getting your IT involved early can help minimize the potential problems and unexpected situations.

Feel free to contact us anytime on this or any topic.

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