What is a Technology Audit?

Simply put, it is a review of the systems that operate your business.

More specifically, it is a review of your technology in terms of physical, environmental, security, policy, practical and financial evaluations and how your dollars are spent versus what you are getting in return.

Every minute of downtime can cost you money, efficiency and credibility. Audits identify where the risks and critical weak points of your systems are most likely to arise.

Our consultants investigate all aspects of your business technology and report back on the following categories:

Physical Network – The actual cabling, modems, routers, switches and devices for your connections.
Server Review – Detailed analysis of the servers features, performance, capabilities and potential.
Workstation Review – Detailed analysis of each station hardware, software, operating system and application usage.
Security – A review of all levels of security from anti-virus, anti-spyware to authorized users and access controls.
Backup – The type, method, appropriateness and effectiveness of a backup in case of data loss.
Environment – Physical attributes like heating/cooling of servers, location, users furniture and other conditions that may affect technology.

Our review will look at all these areas without downtime and minimal invasion of space (i.e. we may need to use somebody’s computer for a few minutes to gather data).

We do utilize small programs on occasion that gather details of each workstation and gives us a written report on the status of things that we can then analyze.

Our Consultants analyze the gathered data, compare it to industry standard “best practices” guidelines, research your industries requirements and evaluate the life expectancy of the technology in question.

The end result is to provide recommendations based on our observations to illustrate where things are good, where things need improvement and where things are require critical attention.

Our report groups these into three categories of required attention and then you will be able to identify where things need to change and how to estimate the timelines for that.

You will receive a written report with all the items mentioned, combined with a recommendations list and estimated pricing based on our provision of equipment or labour to resolve any issues.

Audits generally take 2-3 hours to complete and we will require access to the server, router and workstations at various intervals so we may need passwords or at least somebody to enter in passwords for us.

Approximately 50% of the time is spent on the server, 30% on the workstations and 20% on networks, security and environmental.

Once you have a report on the status of your technology, our work is not done. We offer ongoing service and support to help address items found in the audit.

We offer the following support services:

• Monthly Onsite and Remote Maintenance Service Packages
• Online Backup Solutions
• Server and Workstation Troubleshooting services
• Emergency Response
• Server, Workstation and Network Upgrades/Migrations/Purchases
• Technology Consulting for business plan, moving or operational growth

Talk to one of our consultants if you have any questions or would like more details on any of the information presented here.

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