Proper Posture for Your PC!


We are happy to have James Braithwaite contribute to Reboot on behalf of all computer users who have suffered from aches and pains as a result of improper posture. Here is what he had to advise:

In the run of a busy workday in front of a computer, it’s easy to slip into poor postural habits that can contribute to neck and shoulder pain. Thankfully focusing on a handful of simple cues can reduce posture related aches and pains!

Focus on 3 areas

1)Head and chin: Imagine that your head can slide independently back and fourth on a platter that sits atop your shoulders. Slide the whole head backward to the point where you cannot move any further, then back off by 30%. You should feel comfortable, but with a supported and well positioned neck.
2)Shoulderblades: Tuck the bottom tip of your shoulderblades into your body. Think of this movement as a subtle rotation rather than a military style retraction.
3)Chest: Lift through the chest without shrugging the shoulderblades. Avoid the temptation to shrug your shoulders! Simply imagine a string attached to the middle of your chest, gently pulling it higher.

Additionally, make sure your monitor is directly in front of your head so that you don’t have to rotate or flex to see it. Don’t forget to take a 3 minute walkaround break each hour, this will give you a physical and sanity breather that pays dividends!

James is a Physiotherapist based in Toronto, ON providing Physical Therapy services to individuals in home and in clinic.

He is an engaging, fun, empathetic and, most importantly, effective physiotherapist who believes that besides improving how you look and feel, working toward peak physical function is an excellent avenue for general personal development that can spill over into other areas of living.

You can see more of his posture videos at:
James and Posture!

You can reach him at:
1200 Bay St. Unit 1102, Toronto, ON, M5R 2A5

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One Response to Proper Posture for Your PC!

  1. Hi.. Nice post. Really now-a-days people were facing lots of problems while working in computer. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and knowledge here about how to sit in front of computer, how to keep your head and chest. Definitely people will get some idea after reading this blog and will be relax from computer neck pain.

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