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This is a humour piece about a client who DIDN’T plan the move with consideration to their IT infrastructure.

Logmederp…. | FailDesk.

Many times, we try to educate clients that when they are setting up a new office or moving office locations, a lot of IT infrastructure has to be considered. They think of furniture, signage, stationary, legal things like leases and banking but IT seems to be the last thing they remember.

Here is a short list of IT related items that need to be considered BEFORE moving.

1)Internet provision – (cancelling, moving or acquiring new connections)

2)Phone provision – (if your internet is phone based, this is important to plan)

3)Cabling/wireless – if your new space requiries cabling and/or wireless access, this needs to be addressed before you can work. In cases of new construction sometimes the contractor or electrician will do the cabling but they may not know what you actually need in terms of IT infrastructure. (see my article Why you should not let your electrician run your data cabling!)

4)Servers – if you have actual racks and servers, a simple move may not be so simple. Larger servers and racks sometimes require special electrical outlets, UPS arrangements and environments like Air Conditioning, Ventilation and/or Heating that need to be prepared in the new space.

5)Packing of computers and equipment – sometimes movers can do this for you for basic equipment, but sometimes you need a tech who knows how to dissasemble and re-assemble technology. Having an IT person around for this is usually helpful even though it may cost more.

6)Merchant services – is your visa/amex/mc/debit part of internet or phone? see #1 and #2

7)Will you backup before you shutdown your important information system? You would be surprised how many people forget to do this before they shut down their systems for the move.

Each business can have a varying amount of items that relate to IT when things change, so its best to engage an IT consultant to at least advise and prepare a plan if not help in the actual transition. Something to think about.

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