In the “Didn’t I just talk to a client about this?” category – Windows Tablets!

This morning at a client I was showing off the Blackberry Playbook I got for Christmas, a tablet I do really like, but have been holding out posting anything on until a much needed update arrives in a few days. (more on that later)

We were pondering the tablet market and where it is going to go, as he uses a generic Android tablet and is waiting on the next gen Samsung Galaxy Tab to appear. In the course of the conversation, we made mention of the upcoming Windows 8, and Microsoft’s opportunity to make a grab at the still nascent Tablet market with their new OS that aims to be consistent across any platform. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but low and behold I get back to the office and find an interesting article talking about how MS can get into Apple’s game.

Microsoft’s killer tablet opportunity | Tablets – InfoWorld.

It’s a good read, as it makes the point of not trying to beat Apple, just offer what people want that Apple can’t give…and there is a lot for the professional, business user.

And yes I will be talking about my Playbook experience soon…once RIM finally does the update to make the device worth it!

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