The Blackberry App you MUST have

If you use a Blackberry, you know you don’t get the phone for the apps. No one, who is honest at least, would EVER compare a Blackberry to an iPhone or Android phone for its amazing downloadable apps. The Apps are, at best, ok, with the best of them being ones that RIM develops and publishes themselves. Of these there is one app you simply must have and setup if you own a blackberry.

Blackberry Protect is a tool has been around for a little while (iPhone users will crow they’ve had something similar for a long time but…let’s not get into comparisons or I’ll bring up push messaging), and it the ultimate security app for your phone.

Protect is a small program you install from the BB App store and then setup an account online at:

Once this is done, you have a good set of options available to let you backup your phone, track it if its lost, and in the worst cases, completely wipe it remotely if its lost or stolen.

Think about that. How devastating would it be for your personal or client security if you Blackberry was stolen? Would it make you feel better to know that just by logging into a secure website, you can instantly wipe that phone to make it useless to whoever stole it? (for its information at least).

The app even allows you to send a signal make your phone ring at the loudest setting if you’ve lost in the cushions of the couch.

Protect isn’t a flashy app, its not an app you’ll use daily (unless you are prone to forgetting your phone like some people I won’t mention), but it is an app that will help you sleep a bit better about all the information on your smartphone. With how much people are relying on these phones, and using them to store private and sensitive information, this is THE must have app to install with your Blackberry.

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