Why backing up your data is more important than worrying about your anti-virus software.

Recently, there has been a significant increase to malware and viral infection in technology due to the increase in both volume and variety of computer technology, smartphone technology and handheld device technology (yes, i’m talking to you ipad geeks).

Amongst our local collective of geeks, we have always discussed the “what ifs” concerning the blatant volume purchase of technology by a majority of the public who don’t understand how the technology works and yet gobble up the newest gadget because of its availability on the consumer market.

The trouble with not understanding the technology that you hold, is that you also don’t understand the risk. In this case specifically, the risk of losing your information whether it be personal or business related.

Mac users, in the past would beam with pride that they “weren’t vulnerable to viruses”. Misguided as this statement is, it was ideologically true because the market was small and hackers and script “kiddies” didn’t bother. Since Mac switch to Intel based technology (and essentially making them PC running a different OS), they have been vulnerable to the same degree without the infrastructure to handle the trouble when it comes.

Now smartphones and “ipads” or handheld tablets are the new wave to the market and with weaker and simplier operating systems, are more vulnerable that computers. Do the manufacturers tell you that? Of course not! They are too busy counting your money to care becuase after all, if you brick the unit, you can just buy another.

Now an article and statistics from Google indicate that malware is growing faster and more rampent than the anti-malware can keep up with which leaves the door wide open to theft, hijacking, erasure and fraud.

What is your defense? A good redundant backup. I’m not just talking about backing up your data on a usb drive (though that is a good start), I’m referring to a backup that not only has your data stored in at least 1 secured location but a disaster recovery backup that allows you to get your equipment (or new equipment) back up and running in the minimum amount of time.

Obviously, this is more important to business owners but the same concept applies to anybody who had information that they would deem irreplaceable vs. the risk of loss.

Of course, a good backup will also protect against theft, vandalism and equipment defect but those are what I would consider gravy in contrast to the malware infections that are out there.

You can check out our page about online backup services at or drop us a line anytime.

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