Why you should NOT let your electrician run your data cabling!

We get this question all the time! Why should you hire a cabling company over an electrician or the “phone guy”. The answer is simple. Data cabling is NOT the same as electrical or phone cabling. In fact, they only are similar in that they contain copper.

• Electricians may not follow building and fire codes for data and voice cabling because it is not mandatory. We follow all building and fire codes as if it is mandatory.
• Electricians usually will buy the cheapest cable available mostly due to ignorance of the product. There are up to 15 different type of copper cabling for data and voice for specific purposes and technologies. We know what they are and recommend product based on our experience and knowledge.
• Electricians may not terminate according to standards because they are not mandatory (if they terminate at all). Terminating with inferior products and not following standards can result in failed connections in the future.
• Electricians will not be responsible or accountable to data loss or poor signal or even understand the difference because they do not work with the end users. We work with the IT providers and their devices to ensure the cabling is 100% operational even after the cabling is run.
• Electricians will never provide a lifetime guarantee on their data and voice cabling. We provide Lifetime warranties on our work.

(Electrician run cabling)

Why you should not let your “phone guy” run your cabling also applies in most cases.
Phone suppliers may or may not be cablers but just like electricians, their business is to maximize profits but providing cabling as an add-on to providing the phone system.

Many phone suppliers who are NOT cablers will follow the same principles that the electricians do.
As technology changes, phone systems are digital and no longer operate on legacy analogue technology so their standards and operational guidelines require them to be done as if they were data lines thus making it more important to follow proper cabling procedures.

The obvious question is price. In most cases and electrician or phone supplier may be able to provide the service at a reduced rate over a cabling professional due to the purchase of the inferior products, however the old adage applies.

“You get what you pay for”

Consider if your new computer, server, network suddenly fails due to a cable failing at any point.
• What is the cost of your downtime?
• What is the cost of the “emergency” response needed?
• What is the cost of then questioning your small initial savings vs. the lifetime of your cabling needs?

You can ask me questions about cabling and the differences anytime.

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7 Responses to Why you should NOT let your electrician run your data cabling!

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  2. Very hot topic and one that’s often difficult to broach with clients as the electricians are normally 1st on site and closer to the customer. I actually found a way round this conundrum by offering a cable termination service to electricians. It might work for your business too!

    • akaljian says:

      Yes, we have offered termination services to electricians however it only works if the cabling they run is correct in the first place. It is amazing how many electricians think you can marrette communication cabling and leave it in the walls. 😉

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