Another reason computer users should learn the term “encryption”.

Recently in a London, Ontario clinic, a memory stick with patient files went missing.

The concern, of course is that somebody could find and use that data for all kinds of nefarious activities.

The hard truth is that if they had implemented a Data security policy that included encryption so that any data that was mobile would be protected from prying eyes, then the concerns for the data would be more a policy violation of how the data was lost vs. the risk of exposure of the data contents.

More can be found at Cnews – Clinic security breach raises alarm.

All computers, tablets and smartphones now have the capability of encrypting data so that it can be only used by the owner of the device and data. It is fairly simple to implement in most cases and in the case of mobile data, that is to mean any data that needs to leave the central network for backup or transfer reasons, can be encrypted to protect the content.

Something most users do not consider is the “what if” scenarios or as we call it: Disaster Recovery Planning.

In those cases of theft, vandilism and natural disaster what has your business planned for?

Something to consider next time you talk to your IT provider.

Feel free to contact us anytime to ask questions about this type of technology.

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