New Bill in Parliament may affect you and your tablet!

The Conservatives plan to make Bill C-32 into law if re-elected making the rules on transferring copyrighted material between devices illegal IF the digital “lock” is not intact. In other words, if you have music saved in 1 format from a supplier and switch it to another device not of the same format, you could be in violation of the copyright. This not only applies to music but to any digital media including movies, dvds, television etc and would includ your own collection being ripped to your portable table or media player.

Giants like Apple are likely to quietly approve the bill’s effect since it means units like the Ipad would enforce digital lock rights between ipod, ipad and iphone devices but going to a samsung galaxy or rim playbook would cross that license.

This is another example of how technology availability is being throttled for users that have already paid for the privledge of their media content.

For more information visit Toronto Sun – Possible PlayBook tax mars RIM’s chances By Stefania Moretti

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