NetFlix Canada

After signing up with Netflix this month, I have spent a few hours trying it out both at home, in the office and even on my blackberry(which unfortunately does not yet work).

So far, the interface has been simple to use, easy to register and friendly to search for movies and television shows that are available. Even the streaming plugin they use via Silverlight is effecient and streams smoothly and quickly in standard mode, and is almost as good in HD mode.

Since most of my interests lie in older “classic” movies and older television shows combined with the fact that I only have 1 HD tv at home, I have not needed to use the HD “bandwidth” hogging mode very much and so everything has been very slick to date.

Overall they have made it a simple and effecient system well worth the fixed monthly fee of $8.

However, there is one area that needs to be improved which was a known issue from inception. Content for Canada is somewhat behind. Television shows are a couple of years behind for the current programs and the selection of TV categories is limited. Netflix Canada does not (for example) have current House, NCIS or Castle episodes as played on the big network channels on cable.

Further, some of the older seasons for specialty channels like Sy-FY and Discovery are available for you Top GEAR, Mythbuster and Firefly fans. However, the newer seasons and shows are not yet available.

In regards to movies, they catelogue is about 3-5 months old which isn’t bad compared to On-demand on cable however it is a little farther back.

If licensing TV channels and content is and issue, I would freely pay more than the $8 for the service as long as I get the same flexibility and unlimited access to the content whenever and whereever I choose.

I believe I will be cancelling my regular cable TV services shortly as a result of the combination of a)cable tv cost b)our family lifestyle in watching content and c)less reliance on downloaded content which may or may not be copyright infringed.

I was never a DVD buying consumer and I still know people who are. I also know a lot of people that spend a lot of money and time paying for and watching HD content and to be honest, most of the content I am interested in won’t improve with HD transmission to date.

For us, just having the content is the important part.

So if you have been stalling at trying Netflix, have no fear. With 30 free days to start, no contracts and cancellation anytime, you can head over to Netflix Canada anytime and enjoy what I hope will be an ever increasing quality of service for movies and TV.

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