Do you use DSL for your internet? Then get ready to open your wallet again…

That’s right. Beginning March 1, 2011 if you subscribe to a DSL provider (meaning your internet is based on your phone line), with companies such as TekSavvy, Allstream, Primus or any reseller of BELL services, the CRTC has passed new rules governing “usage based billing”(ubb).

Which means essentially, Bell won the rights to control the flow of the internet to their resellers who now in turn must pay a fee if the users they have subscribed go over 25gb of data per month.

The CRTC in its wisdom has decided that 25gb is the margin for which residential/regular consumer based connections should be limited.

To give you an example of what that equates too: a DVD movie streamed over Netflix or even a View on Demand service can average about 4gb leaving you with approximately 6 movies a month.

When you factor in your regular internet usage, gaming, music and general browsing, that doesn’t leave a lot of room to work with.

If your a home business user, just day to day operations may exceed the new limit in the first week if you have to rebuild a computer, download all the updates, install all the programs (which are more online these days) etc.

The cost of running a computer may be severely outweighed by the cost of using the internet as technology advances.<p.

“The cut in service stems from a Jan. 25 decision by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission — Canada’s regulator for all things television, radio and Internet — which granted the country’s Internet providers the right to charge wholesale buyers of Internet service their normal retail rates, at a 15% discount.”

How does this affect DSL users?

It means that you will pay more for the service you already have even if it is contracted.

You will also be heavily penalized if you go over your providers limit which is now estimated to be at 25gb which is more than 60% less then most packages currently offer.

The decision currently only affects resellers of Bell dsl service, and does not yet apply to cable services, and most business packages, however a petition and a notice to the Liberal party of Canada has been issued as of January 31, 2011 that the matter may yet be reviewed on a federal level.

For specifics, see the CRTC information page. CRTC Telecom Decision

Quotes provided by QMI Agency.

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