Reboot! Review of HP Touchsmart PC

We recently had the opportunity to review and test the new HP Touchsmart all in one PC.

The current configuration is a 23″ TOUCH screen, 500gb HD, 4gb of Ram, AMD Quad Core 2.2ghz processor running Windows 7 64bit Home Premium.

At first glance, the sleek all in one design really caught our attention. The fact that it was a large screen and was only 8cm thick and weighs a meager 11kg was outstanding when we set it up on the desk.

Complete with Wireless N, we didn’t really need to plug in anything other than the power cable to get it going. The keyboard and mouse are both sleek bluetooth wireless devices and even though we did immediately start using the touchscreen to configure the system, eventually we needed the keyboard for the more detailed data entry.

So once we booted up the unit and configured it for our wireless, the standard application installations went smoothly.

Obviously, they have created this unit to be a home based type system where playing movies, viewing pictures and using the webcam in conjunction with surfing social media are the primary focus.

From a business viewpoint, even though I wouldn’t mind having one of these on my desk, it is ideally suited for the boardroom environment.

Some of the direct pros:

* Large bright screen with no noticable glare
* Full speaker set at the front bezel and top vents to allow for decent sound without extra speakers
* Very small footprint leaving your physical desk with lots of room and free of wires. (there is an optional wallmount kit which would free up 100% of your desk)
* It is quiet even though it has 3 fans
* It has a full set of USB, video and audio ports for any configuration. You can even add another monitors for dual monitor setup for those of us who live by it!
* RAM and HD are standard and easy to access for upgrading purposes

Some of the cons:

* Fingerprints show up on the black surfaces and you find yourself cleaning them AFTER you turn off the unit. (they don’t show with the screen on though)
* They only put 2 USB ports on the outside left bezel, the rest are behind a panel in the back to make the look less cluttered. We felt it should have 2 USB on each side at least.
* Since it only requires 1 power cord, in order to make it easily movable, they should add a handle or some sort of indented space at the back of the unit that would make it easy to relocate instead of carrying it like a painting.

They do have some other options like direct TV tuning input, larger screens and HD options (they have recently announced a 42″ model as well) and the touchsmart family includes a tablet laptop with all the same features as traditional tablets.

Overall, we loved this unit and can see it becoming more mainstream as people become more saavy with touchscreen opportunities.

Even though it does not have the customizable video options for gaming, it does allow for HDTV connectivity, provides all the power for a regular home or business use PC and has been designed for easy transition into an existing setup allowing you to ditch the old tower style.

Feel free to contact us for any questions about this item.

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