Wow…finally made the transition.

Yup, after all the years of saying I won’t be participating in this social media “craze”, guess who is now blogging and twittering.

I still don’t have a facebook page and I am primarly using these tools to network my business aspects however, here are some observations right from the start.

1)Social media though nifty in linking things together takes a lot of time to setup and connect

2)The amount of USELESS information in the form of tweets, posts, comments, replies and link forwarding is somewhat annoying, partially overwhelming and definately counter productive. No wonder the change to laws about texting while driving were passed so quickly.

3)Just like the older days of email and IM, emotional and personable communication is not possible using tweets of 140 characters or link posts that simply comment on comment on comment. At least blogging which I thought was dying (due to my personal blog site being abandoned by everyone who now has facebook), seems to be the only way to still get any meaningful information.

We’ll see how things progress as I keep experimenting, but i’m already getting the feeling the time requirements are more than they seem to market on TV.

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